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Delivering quality healthcare where it’s needed

Our community sites partner with local organizations or faith communities to provide quality healthcare for vulnerable residents.

Opened in 2021, these sites build on our core model by offering free, timely and accessible PCR testing for COVID-19 to those living in economically challenged communities. We augment that with basic healthcare services and screenings, with bilingual faith-based nurses answering health questions and speaking to residents with trust and in their own language.

Along with delivering 24-hour PCR test results, these locations frequently host neighborhood health fairs, with a focus on preventative care topics such as nutrition and mental health. We also provide COVID-19 testing during events organized by our church partners, such as meal and toy giveaways during the holidays.

With comprehensive services that meet patients where they are, our community sites are bringing thousands of Americans one step closer to the healthcare equity they deserve.

delivering quality healthcare

Community Sites

South Los Angeles


Dr James R Green Jr

Dr. James R. Green Jr.

Universal Baptist Church

Quotation MarkWe are trying to do whatever we can do to enhance the lives of not just our membership, but the community at large. There are still a lot of people who have not yet been tested and have not been vaccinated. We thought it would be a good idea for us to show some assistance.Quotation Mark

Quotation MarkOur country’s most vulnerable populations deserve the highest-quality care and protection from COVID-19. With our Brooklyn and South L.A. sites, Worksite Labs demonstrates what it means to love our neighbors of all backgrounds.Quotation Mark

Gary Frazier WSL

Gary D. Frazier

Founder and CEO of Worksite Labs