Why We’re Here: Worksite Labs Mission

By Gary Frazier

While the number of U.S. citizens fully vaccinated against the coronavirus has surpassed the 84 million mark, that number only represents roughly a quarter of the country. Some people remain skeptical of the vaccine, and we have yet to find a vaccine that is safe to use with children, who represent 25% of our population. Until enough Americans are inoculated for our country to achieve herd immunity, negative COVID-19 testing will be the key to getting our nation — and the world — moving once again.

But COVID-19 testing comes with a challenge all its own: Should you opt for the quickest results or the most accurate results? With the two major tests currently available to the general public, those two characteristics are, indeed, mutually exclusive. Antigen (or rapid) tests can yield results in as little as 15 minutes but are only about 50% accurate for asymptomatic people. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are 98-99% accurate but often require samples to be mailed to testing labs, meaning results can take days.

That’s where Worksite Labs has changed the game. By pairing gold-standard testing with portable, professionally staffed labs that can sit within shouting distance of virtually any workplace, airport or entertainment venue, we’ve combined the two most crucial elements of effective testing. We don’t just keep things moving during COVID with testing (and eventually vaccine distribution), but for whatever large- or small-scale health needs your workplace might encounter in the future.

When procuring COVID-19 tests for their employees or customers, businesses, government entities and other organizations have a particularly difficult choice to make between the two offerings. Quick results allow for minimal disruption to operations, but higher accuracy more reliably ensures workplace safety. Worksite Labs bridges the gap between speed and accuracy.

How it works, and how it helps

With an ingenious approach to on-site testing that incorporates seven-day-a-week staffing and an airtight turnaround process, the Worksite Labs experience is a medley of convenience, professionalism and care unlike anything found elsewhere in the current healthcare market.

Made from a repurposed shipping container, each portable, 8-by-20-foot lab houses state-of-the-art biomedical testing equipment, including a COVID-19 droplet digital PCR assay. Our equipment boasts high sensitivity for quantitative, one-step sample assessments guaranteed to yield results in 24 hours. Daily testing and diagnostic procedures are in the hands of a trained lab team, including sample collectors and medical technicians overseen by licensed medical professionals.

Besides hiring each site team, we shoulder the full testing process, leaving you free to run your own staff and schedule as normal. Once a testing schedule is confirmed, Worksite Labs staffers deliver self-administered PCR test kits. After recipients give their noses a good swab, our courier picks up the samples, takes them to the lab, and drops off the next round of test kits. We repeat the process until all scheduled customers or employees receive their results — which, as an added flourish of convenience, are viewable via a web-based portal.

We require at least 15 tests to be taken per visit and are happy to stop by on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis — or even for just a single day.

Worksite Labs in action

In the early days of the coronavirus health crisis, Hawaiian Airlines leaders knew the importance COVID-19 testing would play in attracting back its traditional heavy influx of vacationers. Setting up its own testing would allow the airline to “control [its] own destiny” — an ambition Worksite Labs was equipped to handle.

Worksite Labs partnered with the company last year, establishing a network of drive-thru COVID-19 testing locations near popular West Coast departure points. Unlike other large-scale testing providers such as national pharmacy and grocery chains, we’re dedicated to the point-of-access flexibility and rapid turnaround best suited to required pre-travel testing. With 24-hour results and a $90 price tag per test, travelers can get themselves approved for flight in as breezy a manner as possible. As one customer shared, “Worksite Labs … made us feel the Aloha spirit from the moment we arrived at the drive-through testing site.” When we hear that, we know that we’re meeting our mission by helping our clients meet theirs.

In addition to streamlining health-mitigation practices in the travel industry, Worksite Labs has lent its services to governmental bodies, entertainment organizations and other entities in need of fast and reliable results. We’ve provided testing for athletes and coaches in the Big West Conference, as well as same-day testing for a large corrections system in California, allowing us to protect law enforcement staff and detainees. Since we can’t predict when the health restrictions on these industries will loosen anytime soon, Worksite Labs will provide ultra-flexible accommodations tailored to your needs – for as long as needed.

Coming soon to a lab near you

Whether you run an airline in Hawaii, a software company in Washington, D.C., or a school in the Midwest, quick and accurate testing is an asset your organization needs to keep its gears turning while making sure COVID-19 and other health risks don’t force you to hit the brakes. And with our list of service areas soon expanding to include Orlando, New York City and Atlanta, more and more businesses will be able to experience the peace of mind that only quick and quality healthcare can provide.

One-of-a-kind flexibility, top-tier testing and expeditious results guaranteed make Worksite Labs the ideal solution for any business looking to maintain momentum during the pandemic and beyond. Get started setting up your on-site testing experience today.

Gary Frazier is the CEO and founder of Worksite Labs.

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