Year in Review: Our #TopNine Achievements from 2021

Ideally, 2021 would have been the year we tore down our COVID-19 testing sites and readied to disrupt another sector of the lab industry. The year dawned with the promise of a vaccine, and we always knew Worksite Labs would move on to innovating in other healthcare spaces once our nation’s COVID-19 testing need diminished.

But now, with 2021 almost finished, we know our flagship COVID-19 testing services won’t go away anytime soon. Troublesome new variants, along with the return of international travel and large events, kept accurate and timely COVID-19 testing essential in 2021 (not to mention the foreseeable future).

Our Worksite Labs team has a lot to be proud of as we look back on helping our country safely get its groove back during the pandemic. So, in true Instagram style, here are the Top 9 things we did in 2021.

1. Brought testing and healthcare to communities in need

A native of Compton, California, CEO Gary Frazier wished to serve economically challenged communities like his hometown with quality care and protection from COVID-19. Through Gary’s connections to faith communities in Brooklyn and South Los Angeles, Worksite Labs opened our first two community sites over the summer.

Not only do these sites provide free COVID-19 testing (and sometimes vaccines) to vulnerable populations, but they meet visitors where they are through faith community nursing and multilingual services. We’ve hosted community health fairs and other events, including a Thanksgiving feast at our Los Angeles site.

2. Put people first

Our heart for customer convenience is evident in every aspect of our business. Our flagship product – the most affordable quick-turnaround PCR testing on the market – is immensely valuable for consumers (especially travelers), but our efficient yet personal customer service is in a league of its own.

From our streamlined online scheduling process and direct-pay business model to the friendly assistance of our on-site staff, every step in the testing process is designed for customers’ ease. A steady stream of glowing reviews affirms just how much our customers value this quality.

3. Delivered fast results even faster

We know plans can change quickly and the urgent need for a PCR test can emerge at any time –especially when other testing providers have limited availability. We introduced Worksite Labs Express and Worksite Labs Rapid for customers facing those time crunches.

While our standard $90 Worksite Labs test yields guaranteed results in 24 hours or less, our $150 Express option promises results in half that time. And customers who are really racing against the clock can purchase a Rapid PCR test for a 90-minute turnaround. If find yourself strapped for time and need results now, we’ve got you covered.

4. Put up-to-date travel details at customers’ fingertips

Planning an overseas trip is hardly easy to begin with, but COVID-19 made the process even trickier. Ever-changing announcements about different countries’ testing mandates, vaccine requirements and other restrictions placed on international visitors seem to pop up daily (especially when we see new variants).

That’s why we launched our own online Destination Guide, which tells travelers what requirements they must fulfill before reaching their overseas destination. If they need a COVID-19 test, they can book a pre-departure visit to one of our labs in minutes. (Did you read No. 2?)

5. Shared our knowledge of COVID-19 immunity

Since the COVID-19 vaccine entered the picture, questions have abounded about immunity to the virus: How long do the vaccine’s effects last? Is it more powerful than natural immunity through prior infection? Are full immunity and herd immunity even possible? (Spoiler alert: probably not.)

It’s crucial to answer (or at least dig into) these questions, especially as new variants and other factors further complicate the matter of immunity. So Chief Medical Officer Christopher Reeves, M.D., authored three blog posts to explain these complex topics: immune responses to pathogens and vaccines, the need for multiple preventive strategies against COVID, and what to do after receiving a positive test. Feel free to take a read if you missed these posts the first time.

6. Entered the contact tracing game

Schools with test-to-stay programs, where students who regularly test negative for COVID-19 can continue in-person learning, are much likelier to keep their doors open. But to determine which students and staff need to be tested and when requires rigorous contact tracing – something busy school officials don’t have time for.

To help keep things moving for K-12 education, Worksite Labs implemented combined testing and contact tracing services for several school districts across the country. We employed dozens of full-time staff and even adapted our proprietary technology platform to serve schools’ contact tracing needs. That way, all administrators need to provide is Wi-Fi and space for testing setups, and they can stay focused on helping kids learn.

7. Partied on the Seven Seas

Well, not really … but we helped the party happen!

Virgin Voyages and Thrillist partnered to debut Virgin’s luxury cruise ship Scarlet Lady with the REVVEL festival in September. Attendees hopped aboard the new vessel in New York City for three days of fine dining, pool parties and live music (including Major Lazer).

To ensure peak safety, all attendees needed proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. But anyone who missed the memo didn’t have to worry: Worksite Labs helped provide on-site testing throughout the event so the party could (safely) stay afloat.

8. Helped “home for the holidays” happen again

After the 2020 holidays saw a surge in virus spread despite decreased travel, we knew COVID consciousness would be essential to prevent a similar spike as seasonal travel returned this year. For people visiting family and wanting to keep their loved ones safe, we published a list of recommended measures for a COVID-free celebration (including pre- and post-travel tests, of course).

Our services haven’t just been a boon to domestic holiday travelers. For people visiting from countries that require a PCR test to return, we’ve helped keep the trip home from being a hassle. (Just ask this reviewer. Or this one. Or this one.)

9. Attracted the national spotlight People pay attention when radical change occurs in healthcare. The country really started noticing our innovation and industry-disrupting mission in February, when Gary landed on Fox Business Channel.

Since then, we’ve taken several opportunities to spread the word about Worksite Labs in creative, eye-catching ways. We recently premiered two videos: one highlighting our purpose and values, the other exploring what happens when you drive away from our testing site.

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