Three tips for U.K. travel during COVID-19

Headed across the pond soon? Need to stay on top of the ever-changing health mandates? We’ve got you covered!

Worksite Labs has aligned with United Kingdom-based Randox Health to make it easier for U.S. residents to enjoy U.K. travel (and vice versa) during the pandemic. Together, we offer convenient COVID-19 testing that’ll help you meet health requirements both at your destination and back home.

To celebrate this affiliation, we’ve collected some helpful info for Americans who plan to venture to the U.K. soon. If you want to avoid infection (or possibly picking up a new variant) while abroad, the best thing you can do is plan, plan and plan some more. This is especially important if you plan to hop between countries, since rules are different in each one.

Here are three travel tips that’ll make your trip to the U.K. safe, smooth and utterly smashing. (They say that over there, right?)

Note: These restrictions are in place as of April 11, 2022.

That’s right: There are four different jurisdictions in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), each with its own COVID-19 regulations. Whether you’re hopping between the four countries or just visiting one, pay attention, because requirements can change very quickly.

Even if your destination’s health mandates are more relaxed (England and Northern Ireland have lifted all restrictions), individual venues can impose their own restrictions. It’s a good idea carry a face mask and proof of vaccination or a negative test with you throughout your trip.

Visit frequently to stay on top of health requirements. And if you think a restaurant, museum or other spot on your itinerary might have special requirements, check the venue’s website or social media before you go.

New coronavirus cases have been up and down over the last couple months in the U.K. Until the pandemic is truly over, you’re still at risk for infection virtually anywhere you go.

If you are exposed and test positive for COVID-19 while in the U.K., follow local self-isolation protocols. These vary by jurisdiction, so check the National Health Service (NHS) website for up-to-date specifics.

The United States requires citizens to get a negative COVID-19 viral test (PCR or antigen) result no more than a day before they reenter the country. If you test positive before your scheduled return flight…well, we’ll let Conan do the talking:

In other words, you’ll have to wait until you can produce a negative follow-up test before you can fly home.

You’re better off identifying an infection early and having time to plan around it than finding out right before your flight. So, test routinely throughout your trip if you plan to visit crowded public areas. And, of course, get a test if you’re exposed to a known positive case.

Remember, you can ease your travel stress by booking any planned COVID-19 tests you need to take while in the U.K. before you enter the country. That’s what Worksite Labs and Randox are here for.

Through our affiliation, you can schedule any PCR test you need at 19 convenient travel centers around the U.K. Whether you’re exploring Edinburgh, Belfast, London or Manchester, our one-stop scheduling platform and next-day results will help you maximize your well-earned travel time.

And if you need a test in the United States before heading abroad, Worksite Labs offers quick PCR results at more than 20 sites nationwide. They’re conveniently located in or near major airports and deliver results in as fast as 90 minutes.

Visit to schedule U.K.-based COVID-19 tests, and go to to book a pre-departure test in the United States.

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