Worksite Labs Donates Mobile Laboratory to Ukraine

Lab formerly testing LA-Residents for COVID-19 now helps Ukrainians Access Healthcare

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Long Beach, CA – As part of its commitment to bring additional emergency-care capabilities to those serving the Ukrainian people, Worksite Labs, a premier diagnostic testing company, donated a medical laboratory and COVID-19 testing materials to assist with Ukraine’s medical needs in the country’s war zones. The donation was part of a shipment including two mobile clinics, 4,800 meals and 3,600 hygiene kits coordinated by partner Heart to Heart International.

As of July 27, 2022, the World Health Organization has verified 414 attacks on healthcare facilities in Ukraine. Attacks have damaged more than six hundred hospitals, according to Ukraine’s health ministry, leaving an urgent need for access to medical care.

The donated laboratory and accompanying medical clinics provide much-needed space and equipment required for patient care. Their portable nature, housed in refurbished shipping containers, brings instant capacity to hard-to-reach areas that typically have little-to-no connectivity to other resources.

“We are honored to support the people of Ukraine through the efforts of medical personnel in the country’s war zones,” said Craig Beam, Worksite Labs co-founder and chief financial officer. “The beauty of our high-tech diagnostic clinic is its mobility, making transportation to Ukraine possible, as well mobility on the ground, for transport to where it is needed most.”

The donation effort is a model of cooperation between Los Angeles-based Worksite Labs and its associates. Partners Hospitals of Hope International and Clinic in a Can donated the two companion clinics and medical equipment, respectively. Heart to Heart International coordinated the logistics and transportation to Europe. They also filled the units with hygiene kits their volunteers put together and food kits donated by Heaven Sent Ministries. The Gorta Group received the units in Europe and worked with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to determine the areas of greatest need and transported the units to their destination.

“Part of our mission is to provide access to care for underserved populations across the United States,” Worksite Labs co-founder and CEO Gary Frazier said. “This effort takes that a step further. What’s happening in Ukraine is beyond comprehension. We can assist in providing medical access directly to Ukrainian civilians and troops by donating a portable state-of-the-art laboratory and supplies. We are grateful to be in a position to help.”

Worksite Labs, established in 2020, has specialized in providing PCR testing, vaccinations and other COVID-related diagnostics during the pandemic. Through portable, top-tier COVID-19 testing facilities, the company has helped businesses, schools, travelers and communities all over the United States meet their testing needs conveniently and reliably. Its three community testing sites, established to help meet the COVID-19 health needs of underserved communities, are located and open to residents in South Los Angeles, San Francisco and Brooklyn, NY.


About Worksite Labs

Worksite Labs is a healthcare technology company challenging health inequity by delivering better diagnostic services through local partnerships that meet consumers where they are. Using speed, agility and logistical expertise, the company is disrupting the healthcare system by giving customers greater power over their well-being.

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